Monday, 31 July 2017

Trap's Special

Do mark your calendar, its time for one of our specials and this time, we bring you 'Traps'! Thank you all for the applications, after much consideration, we are now ready to kick start and release more information for this special event!

Price : $20/pax
Includes :
 Dish x 1
Free flow drink x 1
Cheki x 1
Autographed postcard set x 1
Autographed poster A3 x 1

Activity :
Mass Game
Meido Challenge
Meido Panel Q&A

During event~

Asa actually received a fan gift and letter! Awww~ 

Personalized service~

Power up~
Game time~

Luckiest fellow of the day!
Signing selfie printout~

Mass Game~

Everyone gets their poster signed and a 3 min up front Q&A session~
Some of the funniest conversations were overheard lol!

Had so much fun organising last Saturday's Trap's Special! Thank you everyone for coming and making this event so fun and memorable~

Thank you everyone for coming~ It was so fun today! Thanks for coming to join us for this fun event. here are some of the pictures taken during the event~ Once again, big thanks to all those who came and made such a memorable and fun event with us <3