Sunday, 19 November 2017

Shikoku at Japan Rail Cafe

Shikoku (四国, literally "four countries") is Japan's fourth largest island, southwest of Japan's main island Honshu. True to its name, Shikoku is divided into four prefectures. The Shikoku Pilgrimage (四国遍路 Shikoku Henro) or Shikoku Junrei (四国巡礼) is a multi-site pilgrimage of 88 temples associated with the Buddhist monk Kūkai (Kōbō Daishi) on the island of Shikoku, Japan.
A popular and distinctive feature of the island's cultural landscape, and with a long history, large numbers of pilgrims (known as henro (遍路)) still undertake the journey for a variety of ascetic, pious, and tourism-related purposes.[1] The pilgrimage is traditionally completed on foot, but modern pilgrims use cars, taxis, buses, bicycles, or motorcycles. The standard walking course is approximately 1,200 kilometres (750 mi) long and can take anywhere from 30 to 60 days to complete.
Top destinations:
Kagawa Prefecture 
1) Naoshima
2) Kotohira
3) Takamatsu

Ehime Prefecture 
1) Matsuyama
2) Uchiko
3) Ozu

Kochi Prefecture 
1) Kochi

Tokushima Prefecture

1) Iya Valley
2) Naruto
3) Tokushima


Today, invited to JAPAN Rail Cafe, we had an eye opening knowledge about Shikoku!
I was given the chance to experience how to make Katsuo-bushi~
First we had a nice tofu to try the different sauces etc 
 Trying the Katsuo-bushi~ I love it!
 The Shio Mikan & Lime sauce
 Shoyu~ Very nice
 Thank you so much for having me and the cute goodies! 
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Friday, 17 November 2017

Celebrate the Holidays at Philatelic Store @GPO

Headed out today, somewhere, someone mentioned Sanrio?
Thanks to GPO for the invitation for me to check out their Philatelic Store~ It was conveniently located just mins away from Paya Lebar MRT!
I like how interesting that even a post office can have their own store for collectibles and gifts. Here is a shot of the store. Operated and owned by SingPost, they offers a comprehensive range of Singapore & Foreign Stamps, Thematic MyStamp, Souvenirs, and Philatelic Gifts that are exclusively in-store.
Standing at the entrance, how cute is this!?
A little walk down the memory lane~
 These are so cute! Every item here marks a special moment in Singapore's history. The commemorative value and exquisite designs of the collections makes them perfect for all occassions.

Philatelic Store Exclusives
Posting Boxes of Singapore Collection:
  • Pouch, Tote Bag, Cushion Covers & Tea Towel (from $5).
  • SingPost Postman and Postwoman Mini Figurines Collection ($28 each & $50 for a set of 2).

Premium Gifts
Local Delights Collection
  • Traditional Biscuit Magnets Set & Greeting Cards.
  • Local Delights Tea Towel with MyStamp SHeet & Greeting Cards.
  • From $8.90 onwards.

 Perfect gifts for collectors
 Gorgeous boxes!
 Hahha~ Cute snowman! A colonial-era red pillar posting box has been restored and mail dropped into this posting box will be postmarked with a special date stamp in red ink!
 Lots of gifts to choose from~ Hey Christmas is coming yea~
 They even have more exclusive ones, I wanted to zoom in for pics but the glass reflects...
 Long stamp! I really like these~
 Festive Gifts Ideas on items with philately designs in a range of $5-$10 only!

OMG I really love this one! 
 Check out the gorgeous butterflies~
 The art is really pretty~
 There are many more pages but this back page attracts me a lot~
Something NEW! 
Thematic MyStamp:
Changi Mysterical Garden with Sanrio characters
  • A Stamp folder with a landyard.
  • Retailing at $21.80

These plushies arrived today at 5pm! Super cute~ With any purchase of $60, you get to buy the plushie at $10 ONLY! 
National Stamp
  • Greetings Stamp: Mint Stamps, First Day Cover (only on 15 Nov 2017), Postcards.
  • Annual collection 2017.
  • From $1.60 onwards.

Brunches Cafe was there too, offering us some refreshments and food. HOWEVER, cos i was so into viewing the collections, plus i wasnt hungry yet. By the time I went over, a lot of food were GONE! Ops sorry no pics BUT will still wanna thank them and share a little about them for feeding us~
The latest Chic Vintage Themed Bakery/Cafe along Rangoon Road~
Serving All-day breakfast Menu, Gourmet Sandwiches, Waffles, Coffee, Tea and other Beverages to the funky cafe-goers.
For my readers
The items are really cute, thus I've gotten some as a giveaway to 1 lucky winner! The winner shall get all the items in the picture. Opened to international this time, so I will mail it to you as long as you have a valid address! Simply do the following:
1) Follow my IG - Elizabethheartz
2) Like & Comment the post, why you want to win.

Closing date: 6th Dec 2017
Good luck!

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Oversize Cops by Encore Films

After headlining the news for failing to arrest the robber because they were too fat and slow, Sergeant Kan and his three cop buddies have become the laughingstock of the country.
Branded the Thai police force’s greatest shame, the four chubby cops are then penalised to lose weight through a 3-month extreme training course, in order to rebuild the image of the force.
Their training turns more intense when a beautiful Zumba dance instructor Meen joins them.
During their training, another robbery occurs. A bank van transporting large sums of money was robbed and has since disappeared without a trace. The four sergeants are called in to investigate the crime, but it has been a long while since they have been out in the field.
As the deadline for their mandatory weight loss closes in, coupled with the pressure of solving the new robbery, can these big guys salvage their careers and prove their worth to the country?

Directors: Phuwanit Pholdee & Chanon Yingyong
Cast: Sarun Shinsuwapala, Pramote Patan, Supachai Sapprasert, Somyos Matures, Suppavitch Meepremwattana, Natjaree Horvejkul
Genre: Comedy
Language: In Thai with English & Chinese subtitles
Rating: PG
Runtime: 100 mins
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3) Comment which part of the trailer makes you burst out laughing so much and why.
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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Astalift Singapore

Thanks to Astalift for the invitation to their latest store! ASTALIFT’s third and largest boutique recently opened in NEX, the largest mall in the Northeast region of Singapore. Spanning 688 square feet, this shop features the brand's signature red hue to signify the vibrancy and richness of ASTALIFT.
Prior to attending the event, I wasn't aware much about this brand. I roughly remember seeing beauty supplement drinks from them. I wasn't aware they have beauty products, and all the more the company is Fujifilm!

Why FUJIFILM produce cosmetics?
Our aim was to improve the quality of the film and make the beautiful picture. This 80 years research and development was connected to make “beautiful skin”. Here we introduce our own 4 technologies to connect between photographic film and skin care in future.
Technology 1 - Nano technology- Technology
2 - Collagen technology- Technology
3 - Anti-oxidation technology - Technology
4 - Optical analysis and control technology

Check out their top picks!
Today I'll be highlighting 3 items! (Sorry for the horrible lighting >__<) 
Renewal Jelly Aquarysta
Jelly Aquarysta is a unique anti-ageing skincare product composed of an effective mix of collagen and moisturizer delivering a light textured facial treatment that ensures fast absorption for glowing skin and a more beautiful, you.
Key Ingredients : Collagen,Human-type nano-Ceramide,Nano-Astaxanthin,Nano-Lycopene,Highly-permeable Resveratrol
Size : 40g
Price : $148 ($141 refill)

                                      How to use
In-Focus Cellactive Serum
An essential skin product in your daily regime. Contains high concentration of Nano AMA., whitening ingredients and vitamin C, it helps boost collagen production to prevent skin pigmentation and has skin firming benefits.
Key Ingredients : Astaxanthin,Nano AMA,Arbutin
Size : 30ml
Price : $115 ($106 refill)
Whitening Perfect UV Clear solution 50+ PA++++
Formulated with D-UV Guard to provide unprecedented high level of UV skin damaging UVA rays, thereby preventing age spots and freckles. Doubles as beauty essence and makeup base to enhance radiance and help makeup look great all day long.Inlcude a “UV Sensor Cap”, which changes its color when exposed to UV rays containing the “Deep UVA”, so that users can visibly check the presence of invisible UV rays.
Key Ingredients : Astaxanthin,3 types of collagen,Nano AMA,Citrus extract,UV action capsule
Size : 30g
Price : $72
More info
Jelly Aquarysta : I like how cool it can reform back to its smooth surface after being scraped! The skin feels supple after application. However there is a slight stickness left behind~
Whitening White Essence : This item really absorbs fast! Skin feels really supple after use! I really like it light and leaves no residue too! Love the scent too~
Whitening Perfect UV Solution : With machine reading, it really blows me off! Just about 5 small sesame dots of the products can spread so well over half the face! So much protection from the harmful rays!
Selfie with Jason, Regional Trainer
Group shot~
Special for my readers!
Mention my name 'Elizabethheartz' to receive a 3 day sample at any of the outlet!

ASTALIFT @ Wisma Atria #03-30
Telephone Number: (+65) 6238-6386
Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm daily

Telephone Number: (+65) 6734-8860
Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm daily

Telephone Number: (+65) 6481-3937
Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm daily

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